Field Test

Some of the technologies and functionalities developed in the EDISON project where tested in real life on the island of Bornholm. Bornholm was chosen as demonstration site as the island has a very high share of renewables in their energy mix, and at the same time the island has a size, which makes it ideal for electric vehicles. The testing was hosted by the Bornholm utility Østkraft Holding.



The functionalities tested on Bornholm where primarily optimised charging and implementation of IEC 61851-1 mode 3 in the electric vehicles of Østkraft. Also both interoperability between different charging spot operators and “Vehicle to grid” was shown during the one day public conference of the project in September 2011. And finally five Mitusbishi iMiEVs where least to gain more driving and charging data in order to verify some of the assumptions regarding driving patterns for electric vehicles.



The results of the field test shows that optimised charging does work, and that the intended system setup can be used. However there is still a need for further development, as the test also showed that the optimised charging of electric vehicles are heavily dependent on reliable communication between vehicle and system.

Also the testing of IEC 61851-1 mode 3 functionalities was successful as the vehicle did in fact react to signal send to it via the VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2 plug (Mennekes plug) build in to the car.



The testing of the five Mitsubishi iMiEVs proved, as anticipated that most can do with the range of ~100 km, at least as long as the car is only driving on Bornholm. However it was also shown that some of the drivers did in fact drive quite long distances on a daily basis and therefore needed to charge several times a day. Also use of heating in the cold season drastically reduces the range and can mean that it will be necessary to charge more than once a day, which can again limit the availability for the vehicles to the system.





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Real Life Testing of Developed Technologies