Communication between EV and charging supply

In WP5 the main focus has been to support the international standardization work regarding the communication between the electric vehicle, the charging spot, EV user and the interfaces to the power system.

A video has been produced describing the basic idea behind charging of an electric vehicle with renewable energy, including the communication between the electric vehicle and the user.

The video can be viewed at the EDISON website:


In order to test, verify and create inputs to the communications standards, a reference design call EDISON IOboard has been developed. The purpose of this design was to test the following interfaces and standards:

       IEC 61851-1 and SAE  J1772 compliant (PWM and state)

       Development platform for IEC/ISO 15118 (PLC)

       CAN interface for EV integration

       Serial interface for EVSE integration

       Software for functional testing

A reference design like the EDISON IOboard is important for the standardization activities, because by implementing the standards, there is always the advantage of finding errors or maybe issues that has not been addressed in the commenting phase when writing the standards.


EDISON back-end service

From the beginning of the project, there has been developed a service that could be used for testing the interfaces between WP5 and the other work packages with communication to the vehicle, charging spot or user. The EDISON backend service is designed with a very open interface format (XML RPC) and all application programmers interfaces (API) are available at

A simple user interface (see below) has been created to support the developers working on the vehicles and charging spots, which shows the location of the vehicles and the current status information.

Please refer to for detailed description of the API specifications or the EDISON documentation: WP5 EDISON backend API description.pdf


Claus Amtrup Andersen