IBM showcase EDISON at CeBIT 2010

Andrea Merkel3. February 2010  by Dieter Gantenbein - IBM Research - Zurich

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened world-famous CeBIT exhibit. Visiting the IBM 3'000m2 exhibit today, the EDISON showcase was prominently positioned.

Today in Hanover, Germany the world famous CeBIT expo kicked off with none other than the Chancellor of Germany, Dr. Angela Merkel. The Chancellor was accompanied by the president of Spain and their first stop was the IBM exhibit on the topic Smarter Together, which focuses on collaborative projects that create a smarter planet.

IBM featured as main showcase the EDISON project, which was prominently located right in the front entrance attracting hundreds, if not thousands of press, analysts, government officials and students from all over the world. Note that the EDISON project was downselected only this week as the only project that the Chancellor would be introduced to on the IBM booth.

After today the island of Bornholm became a little bigger in the minds of the world population, and a few more people know about the EDISON project.