WP 2.7 Grid Codes and regulation related to EVs

31. October 2011

The report from WP 2.7 is about Grid Codes and Regulations related to EVs

The EDISON project develops the technical solutions that enables EVs to facilitate larger shares of renewable energy in the power system, and at the same time makes sure that distribution grids are not over loaded when EVs are charging. Open standards and information- & communication technology are key topics in the project. This report deals with existing and potential future grid codes for grid connection of charging spots and EVs.

EVs are special! Why? First, EVs are typically consumption units but are also potential production units because of the capabilities of the battery and the power electronic. As the responsibility for grid connection terms and grid codes for consumption are separated from the grid connection terms and grid codes for production and ancillary services in Denmark, focus must be on creating a clear framework to make the OEMs build EVs with a standardized grid interface.
Second, EVs are not always connected to the grid, and not always to the same connection point. This creates the needs for standardized plugs, standardized infrastructure and a standardized communication platform. The IEC 61851 series and the IEC/ISO 15118 series are recommended and expected to be the main series of standards related to EVs.
New Grid Codes together with common standards will enable the use of the full potential of EVs delivering ancillary services to the overall power system, and ancillary services to the local grid. Developing grid codes for EVs could very well be based on the German experience with PV systems as the EV’s chargers approximately have the same characteristics as the PV inverters.


Arne Hejde Nielsen